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Artist's Proof: Ansin _ The Orchard Day/ Respite Centre, Dublin

€60.00 EUR


From Ansin exhibition - door alcove in The Orchard Day/ Respite Centre in Blackrock, Dublin, designed by Niall McLaughlin.


Size: A3.

Series Statement:


(There, Then)

A new selection of prints, gathered together from various places in my archive.

In documenting and recording the built environment, my role is often to translate the 3D into the 2D. The world that surrounds us is re_presented into a still image. Moments can be lost in translation, but new connections can sometimes emerge. 

The framing of a complicated space into the rigid rectangle can simplify this complexity - while simultaneously offering us a glimpse into a more ordered, formal, and abstract reality. This graphic flattening creates playful opportunities - the image pushes and pulls itself into being.